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Create knowledge from unstructured content
Build multi-dimensional search experiences
Implement automatic metadata
Extract meaning from digital audio
Implement optical character understanding
Create accurate 'small language models'
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The data, the connections, and the processes

Connect people, documents, multimedia, cybersecurity, and environmental issues—with our multi-dimensional search, automatic metadata management & tagging, curated ontologies & taxonomies, and modern user experiences.

  • Perfect for modern organizations.
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  • Unleashes the power of Microsoft 365 and Azure.
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Intelligent Document Processing

Multi-dimensional 'enrichment-in-place' for Microsoft 365, archives, and more

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Natural Language Processing
Identify, extract, understand, and classify meaning from unstructured content and populate your Microsoft 365 term store with automatically discovered taxonomies.
Genetic Pattern Matching
Go beyond general artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) by using genetic pattern identification algorithms to extract and match organization-specific expressions.
Multi-Dimensional Metadata
Match taxonomical terms, concepts, keywords, entity types, and classifications to inform your information architecture (IA) and create multi-dimensional metadata.
Automatic Tagging
Tag documents and lists items with approved metadata automatically, and unleash the knowledge contained in your content.
Multi-Dimensional Search
Implement search experiences to ensure content is discoverable and information lifecycle management policies operate effectively.

Digital Audio Analysis

Extract meaning from digital audio

Audio Preprocessing
Make sense of the spoken words in audio and video soundtracks
Auto Classification
Extract meaning, concepts, keywords, and automatic taxonomies
Enhanced Search
Build search experiences fit for the modern, multimedia workplace


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Created by Martin Harwar
7-time Microsoft MVP
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Microsoft 365 Metadata

In this course, you will learn about:
Metadata hierarchies
List and library columns
Site columns
Content types
Taxonomies and managed metadata
Enhanced search experiences
Metadata-driven navigation

Course Outline

Metadata in Microsoft 365
Site Columns
Content Types
Managed Metadata
Search and Navigation
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